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 Photo Day.  Simply, Done Right. 

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Dan and Vanessa (D-Va...Get it?) have over 20 years' experience booking and executing successful photography events for groups of all sizes. We know what works, 

and we know what's important to you.

​Even more, we've figured out how to make Photo Day better.  With our Group Compositing System, you don't need to stress about schedules and all your group photos will be better than ever.

For studios and leagues, your parents will be able to do everything from pre-ordering, to picking their favorite images, to paying right from their computers, tablets, or smartphones!

Give us a call to book your next Photo Day with us. 
You'll be glad you did.


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The D-Va Experience
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Youth Sports Photography
Say goodbye to tight schedules and incomplete group photos with our team compositing system. Call today to learn how we make the whole process a breeze for your league, and bring the smiles back to your photo day!
Youth Dance Photography
Every dancer deserves a photoshoot to remember! Our composite group images will allow personal interaction with every dancer, in a relaxed environment, helping your stars shine their brightest. Call today to learn more about our new take on photo day.
Corporate Photography
Want to freshen up your corporate image? We can help… headshots, on-site services and composite group images will help keep your look up-to-date. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company rise to the top!
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