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Streamlined Photo Day

Photo Day is simplified since we DO NOT take a group photo, we create one instead!

Lines move faster, and late-comers can be included in the group. No longer will a 20 minute delay for one person push your entire group off schedule. From writing a schedule, to alerting parents of ordering options and image availability, to delivering the finished product - we take the pressure off of you, so you can focus on what's most important - running your organization!

Group Compositing

Group Compositing means you do not have to assemble your entire group to get that "perfect" shot.  Each person is photographed individually, and then the team image is constructed using those individual pictures.  This guarantees everyone's eyes are open, players are relaxed, and the lighting is perfect.  Plus YOU get to choose the background from our extensive library of graphic designs, or we can photograph a key place of note for your studio and use that just for your dancers!

Organization Benefits

With our background replacement technology, you don't need a large facility to conduct photo day, and for once you don't have to worry about the one dancer that can't make the group time.  And speaking of timing, we know scheduling can be a difficult and time intensive process, so you just provide us with all the class/routine data and we will develop an ideal schedule for you. After photo day your organization can receive a number of items including group prints, CD's of images and even a fundraiser check!  We're here to make this your ideal let us know what we can do to make your smile a bit brighter on photo day!

Ordering is a Breeze

Parents will pre-register and be notified by text when photos are available.  That text will provide a link where thay can use facial recognition to easily identify their 
child(ren)’s images as well as select favorite images & customize their order.  With the freedom of online ordering (via computer or smartphone!), money saving packages, exciting products and customization options there is something for everyone. And to make everything even smoother photos will be delivered direct to the parents based on their time of order, so no more waiting for all orders to ship together.

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